ilife2021 Future Recruitment

The iLife 2021 is a new upgrade of platform, combining scene creation, product crossover and new technology application, it implants products in immersive future life scenarios, and presents all aspects of urban life, technology and humanity. iLife will explore the future in a "Future + N" way, showcases brand product concepts with "Technology + Culture", to achieve cross border integration and upgrade between products and iLife, creating a new "new species" creation exhibition together. 

Future Community Experience Zone: community scenario, home scenario, hotel scenario, office scenario

Future Mobility Experience Zone: applications related to mobility scenario, smart cars, in-vehicle 

Future Health Experience Zone: health, food, fitness, AioT, environment

Future Education Experience Zone: offline education (school, vocational) scenario, online education systems, offline education scenario

Future Shopping Experience Zone: shopping mall/space shopping scenario, online shopping scenario

Future Entertainment Experience Zone: home entertainment, public entertainment, e-sports, gaming, home cinema

Future Travel Experience Zone: travel-related applications, facilities and equipment, software, services

Future Fashion Experience Zone: Fashion, Beauty and Medical Beauty

Future Humanity Experience Zone: music, film, photography/videography, culture, art, performance, lifestyle




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