iLife2021 Future Plans


The iLife Future Life Expo is a new upgrade of the exhibition platform. Combining scene creation, product crossover and new technology application, it implants products in immersive future life scenarios and presents all aspects of urban life, technology and humanity by giving new content and future application technology to the products. 


With the theme of "Future Lifestyle", iLife explores the future in a "Future + N" way, showcases brand product concepts with "Technology + Culture" and creates an immersive future life scenario, to achieve cross border integration and upgrade between brand exhibitors and iLife, it is a new "new species" and "new ecology" creation exhibition and star-making action, leading a new revolution in the exhibition industry.


The iLife audience includes a wide range of professional visitors and the mass market, covering almost 90% of the consumer sector. The professional audience focus on the display, consumer electronics, lifestyle, technology, education, health and other industries, comprehensively covering product technology and industry applications, and is a cutting-edge technology trendsetter; the mass market is aimed at the overall consumer population, especially the young generation aged 15-45, the middle class and Generation Z consumers, which will guide the future consumer lifestyle and trend direction.